The Udo Jürgens Song Contest Winner’s Memorial

⁠This is to commemorate the landslide victory of the Carinthian singer Udo Jürgens over the "Autriche- zero-points" lobby at the 1966 Eurovision Song Contest in Luxembourg. The memorial is to rise from the middle of Lake Wörth and should even be somewhat higher than the Pyramidenkogel observation deck. During the festive unveiling ceremony, Rainhard Fendrich will be singing Udo’s winning song "Merci Chérie" in the gardens of the Palace Hotel to an audience of thousands of cheering fans. A speech in honor of Udo Jürgens will be delivered by Stefan Petzner – after all, the title of his diploma thesis was "The Power of Music by the Example of Udo Jürgens."

Udo Jürgens in action
The white bathrobe – trademark per se of the musician Udo Jürgens

From the essay "The Udo Jürgens Song Contest Winner’s Memorial"